Real Progress

Organized voters can—and have—made massive changes in American politics.

Margins Matter

Politicians vote more conservatively after close elections

Build Solidarity

Show up for other groups if you want them to show up for you.

Make them Fight for Your Vote

Campaigns try to appeal to voters more than non-voters.

Yes, And

Voting doesn't take away from other activities, and can help build power.

Anti-Voting Efforts

Powerful interests try to stop you from voting, proving that they're afraid of it.

Open New Fronts

Almost every district is competitive when non-voters decide to vote.

Parties are coalitions

Being in the majority matters.

Send a Message

Non-voting doesn't send a clear signal to politicians.

Start Early

Primary races are the best opportunity to challenge incumbents and change parties

Collective Action

Big change almost always requires many people to work together.

Lay Groundwork

Candidates who lose can still lay the foundations for future victories.

You Might Decide

You literally might be the deciding vote.

Start Local, Go National

State and local races can overrule higher-level ones.

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